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Warning signs   1 comment

so I have been reading articles of how to reinvent myself.
What needs done and what I should keep doing.

this one article says by Paula Harvey……..

Warning signs of a passionless life

1) has life become routine?

2) is the zest for life gone?

3) do you live for vacations and weekends?

4) from all outside appearances your life looks wonderful, do you often       

    wonder why it isn’t fun anymore?

5)  do you have to literally talk yourself into going to work?

 If you answered yes to three or more of these questions…..than you may be suffering from passion deficit  disorder

you have no passion in your life,  you have fallen into a routine because it is safe, comfortable and  conveniant, bottom line is you have settled!

and as I read that I thought, how in the hell have you seen into the bottom of my soul!????

that is it is a nut shell.
I have no passion in my life!!!!

Which isn’t entirely true because I am quite passionate about my grandchildren and the wonderful existence of all four of them!

the article goes on to tell a person how to find passion again
She suggests you find things you once loved to do, working in the yard, writing, reading….etc….

she also suggests going back to childhood dreams

and….take notice of things you like about your job and your life and write those down and reflect on those more than you do the negative things going on in your life.

yada yada yada……

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