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so Friday night my darling Keira was being a pain in the butt.
She was being silly and goofy and teasing me constantly.
So I said to her ‘You are a pain in my ass!”
She said “I’m going to tell my mom you said that!  That is a bad word!”

I laughed and said “Okay, Nana was wrong…sorry”

Well yesterday we were playing around and out of the blue she says to me “Nana  you are a pain in my ass!”
I said “Keira you can’t be saying that, it is a bad word and it will upset your parents”
her reply was “I am a big person if you say a bad word I can say it too!”

So of course now I have to watch my mouth around her!

Posted September 26, 2010 by Marge in family, Keira, my loves, ramblings

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