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so Friday night my darling Keira was being a pain in the butt.
She was being silly and goofy and teasing me constantly.
So I said to her ‘You are a pain in my ass!”
She said “I’m going to tell my mom you said that!  That is a bad word!”

I laughed and said “Okay, Nana was wrong…sorry”

Well yesterday we were playing around and out of the blue she says to me “Nana  you are a pain in my ass!”
I said “Keira you can’t be saying that, it is a bad word and it will upset your parents”
her reply was “I am a big person if you say a bad word I can say it too!”

So of course now I have to watch my mouth around her!

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it is a very cool day today…but incredibly crisp and beautiful out….

love it.
it feels just a tad bit chilly but yet the birds are singing and the sun is shining brilliantly down warming every thing it touches.

God is smiling on Iowa today

Posted September 26, 2010 by Marge in ramblings