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The only difference between a rut and a grave is……six feet   Leave a comment

I just read the above line on a self-help web page.
And it struck me as so true.

The only thing between a rut and a grave is six feet……

wow, how profound.
And how incredibly true.

it continues to say that we are the only one responsible for our own happiness….

how true…..

now just to get the guts….to make the changes I need and really want to make…….

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pretending   Leave a comment

I have my grand daughters today.
We actually got them last night and they stayed the night.
They both slept well and are still here now.

Kayla is working on saying her A B C’s in the song and is getting better and better at it all of the time.

Keira is playing dolls pretending she is a mama with a little baby girl and I am her baby’s Nana, and she is married and I watch the baby while she and her husband go off and do things.
Things like “Riding the motorcycle”  “Playing beer Pong”  (Something her parents do) and going to movies and on and on.
I like listening to her pretend she is a grown up and does the things grown ups do.

My grandchildren are my treasures.

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