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put in my place…….   1 comment

so yesterday I was goofing around like I always do when I see one of my co workers.
We both say “Another day in paradise” and we say “No other place we would rather be than here”
Or he will often say “Is there anywhere else we can have this much fun?” And I always come back with “Nope, I hate to go home at night cuz I love it so much here!”
And on and on.
It is just stupid mindless chatter because we both do not like our jobs.

Well yesterday as we were going through our usual routine about this being paradise and on and on, the other guy who works in the kitchen looks at me and says “You know Marge it gets really old to hear you talk about how much you hate this place every single day.  Every day you come in here and rant and rave”

I was stunned.
literally stunned.
for one, no one was talking to him…..the stupid dialog is between me and another guy whose name happens to be Guy….  and this other guy Randy, is never included in the conversation.

I realize it is silly and pointless but this is just how “Guy” and I converse.

I couldn’t believe that Randy went off on me like that.
I just shook my head and walked away.

But it got me thinking,…..maybe I was wearing on his nerves.
Maybe Guy doesn’t complain about the job unless he is having this mindless routine conversation with me every day.

Anyway Randy is 32 years old and he made me feel like he was my grandfather scolding me for missbehaving

and I didn’t like it.

I didn’t like it enough that I thought, okay for you bud…..see if I be friendly to you from here on out……

and while that may sound childish on my part, I was quite offended that he said that to me………

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