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A Welsh proverb   Leave a comment

Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild

and I have to tell you this is so true.
I have loved and loved deeply and I have four children I love so much as well……but I didn’t know what perfect love was until I had my first grand-daughter.
Now that I have four of them, I realize what a blessed woman I am.
God has smiled down on me in so many ways but never more completely than with these four grandchildren!

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Ulcer anyone?   Leave a comment

so now my doctor thinks I may have an ulcer.
I go to see an Gastroenterology doctor in October and he will put a camera down my throat and check out my stomach and see what is what.

not looking forward to that but one of my sister’s told me it wasn’t that bad.
And I need to know what is causing me this pain that just never leaves me.

feels like I am falling apart……


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