Unsettled   1 comment

ever get to the point where you think “Is this all there is?”
“Is this what life is all about?”
the constant struggle….the same thing every single day never-changing from one day to the other…..

is this all there is?

I wonder truly wonder if people go through this as often as I do?
Is this all there is?
Isn’t there something more out there?

I am not depressed so please dear reader don’t think that…..
I just feel like my life never changes.
My life is my grandchildren

They bring me the greatest pleasure and they make me incredibly happy……yet…..is that insane?
Shouldn’t other things bring me as much joy?

nothing else does

I feel like I live in a hamster cage and just go round and round on the exercise wheel and nothing changes…..

And I realize it is up to me, and no one but me to make changes to get off that hamster wheel and make more of my life…..

I am going to move forward and make plans to improve things…..

Some day I must come first.
And right now I don’t…..everyone else does….

Life is too short to put myself last…. year after year….
it is time for a change…..and while this change may very well take a few months or a year to get it all together…..to make the change I will make the change!
IF I am in this same spot a year from now…..then I really do deserve to live in the hamster wheel and keep going round and round and going nowhere!

Posted September 18, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

One response to “Unsettled

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  1. what are you going to do to make changes? where do you want to be? You have to have a general idea of what direction you want to move in or you’ll be wandering the desert for years.

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