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I had a few hours of down time yesterday afternoon after my three younger grandchildren went home.
my husband and I went for a ride in the country for about an hour just to get out and feel the wind in our hair.
We traveled about fifty miles or so and drank up the sunshine and the warm temps.
the corn was all brown and a rustling of their brittle skirts rang out to us as we passed all the fields

the beans were burnt as well waiting for the farmers to come and remove the harvest from the fields.

We saw quite a few farmers out in fields taking advantage of the warm late summer day.

as we drove I thought of how neat it would be to own land and walk through it or make plans for it and just enjoy the wonderment of the outdoors.
I have my little yard all fenced in to keep unwanted guests out of it and I have my flowers and lilac bushes….

but I think of my sister’s land in Missouri, and the eight acres she has there, or my brother-in-laws three acres not far from our little town.
Yes I am envious to the point of wishing I could own some land.

But alas….I would only want to be able to own land if I could move my house on to it.

I love my house.
I love the oak wood work and the staircase beaming up to the second floor.
I love the old worn wooden floors, yes they need refurbishing but that will come in time.
I love our front porch, that badly needs a coat of paint but it is sturdy and holds one of the things my husband loves to do, and that is swing on the front porch and watch people drive by.

I do love my little piece of land and how the trees grow so well and the shade lays across the yard, like a mother lovingly covering her precious young with a blanket of love.

yes there are things I would change about it all, if I had the ability and the money.
Some day we would like to get all new windows in the house.
Someday we want to build a two car garage to replace the one car garage that badly needs replaced

there is a big walnut tree that my husband wants to cut down, due to the massive amounts of walnuts that fall from it each year and make it nearly unbearable to mow at times
not to mention the stains the tree leaves on the swing set since it sits right beneath it.

there is always plenty of things to do but none of it is earth shattering….and needs done immediately.

I still wish for country life but I doubt that will ever come to be, and I am content in my little piece of land and my house on the corner of our busy little street that is a highway…..leading to other towns with people who love their life the way I love mine.

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I hate…..yet I love…..   Leave a comment

I hate when my computer freezes and I have to wait until it gets where ever it needs to go, to bring me to the page I want……

I hate when someone whom I haven’t talked to or seen in years has the gall to tell me they love me on Face Book when they don’t have a freaking clue who I am……

I hate when people get nosy and start thinking they have any business to get into my business…..

I hate how the weekends go by so quickly and it is Monday morning again….

 I love the weather this time of year.
It was a bit warm yesterday but it was great and the cooler days are so wonderful

I love how the leaves are starting to change at the tops…where the sun hits them first.

I love my family and grandchildren….

I love the thought of my vacation in less than seven weeks….

I hate the thought of it being another Monday and the beginning of a new work week, but I am thankful that I have a job and am able to live the life I like.
yes I could be richer, but obviously God doesn’t see that as a good thing for me.

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