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a short very long week   Leave a comment

alright so it has really only been a four day work week.
I left early on Tuesday for a dentist appointment, left early on Wednesday to go to a class with my husband on diabetes and yesterday I spent the better part of the day in the emergency room.
So today will be my first official eight hour day this week.

I feel better.
Not great but better.
I told my sister it is amazing to me what eating ice cream or drinking milk could do to my body.
Twenty four hours ago I was in so much pain I was nearly crying.

Of course I had ham and a couple of slices of bacon this week too, so on top of the milk and ice cream… wonder my pancreas was inflamed.

But I haven’t had anything along those lines since yesterday morning so hopefully that will be the trick to getting the pancreas to settle down.

it is another home football game this weekend so I need to get in here in the morning and get everything locked down and taken care of for that.

I am having Keira and Kayla over night tomorrow night as well as Aaron.
That might be tricky, having all three of them in one night.
I may just move my mattress into their room and that way we will all be together.
Or maybe not .
Aaron might wake up more if we are all together since both girls cry out in their sleep off and on all night.
Moaning and sometimes crying out.
And Keira talks in her sleep some times too.
So scratch that.

I will keep them separated.

Anyway…I’m thrilled it is Friday!

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