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My day in the Emergency Room   1 comment

so I woke up this morning at five am like I always do to get ready for work.
I noticed a sharp pain in the middle of my back about right where my bra strap is.
I showered and went to work and about an hour later the pain moved from my back to my rib cage in the back and under my arm.
The pain was so horrific I put a call into my doctor to see if she would see me.
I started getting nauseated and felt like I could faint so I came home.

My doctor called about an hour later and told me to not bother going into her office but to go to the emergency room instead.
By then the pain was in the center of my chest.

after checking my heart, which is fine…and then I was given an ultrasound for my gall bladder to check to make sure I didn’t have any stones….and I didn’t.
Then they took five valves of blood and checked them for various things to finally come back with ……

I have an infection in my pancreas.
I was given two different types of medicine and told to not eat spicy and or fatty foods…….

milk, ice cream….butter….any fat on meats…..etc…..

 I have to tell you, the joys of getting older just keep getting better and better.
I’m grateful for having a hospital close by to be able to go to and make sure it wasn’t my heart or gall stones.

now just to get past the infection thing……….

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