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So I got to see  all four of my grandchildren last night which was great and a rare treat.

but before Aaron came over with my daughter the three grand daughters were there and we were outside playing.
Mirielle and Keira were playing like they were teachers and Kayla my darling little hellion didn’t like it that they were playing and not including her so she was doing her damnest to get into the middle of it all.
So I said “Hey sweetie let’s go for a walk”
WHICH she LOVES to do.
So she takes off down the driveway and keeps looking over her shoulder to see if I am following.
When we walk, I let her go where ever she wants to, as long as she steers clear of the street alongside our house, or the highway which is about thirty feet from our driveway.
So we are walking and she is having the time of her life.
She loves to be the boss and go where ever she wants to go.
Well twice she headed toward the street.
I yell “NO! Kayla, do not go in the street!  if you do Nana will spank you!” and she promptly turns around and heads off down the sidewalk again.
I marvel that since she is not yet two (she will be two months from today) that she minds me so well about the street.
I have instilled it in all my grandchildren that the street and highway are off-limits and there is no negotiating this.
they will get spanked.
earlier this summer I had to spank Kayla a couple of times because she tried to test me, and as promised she got her butt smacked.

so as we were on our little walk around our neighborhood, her parents pull up and she runs to them and says hi.
And then she turns around and goes down the sidewalk again.
She is about ten feet from the street and my son starts running to her
I say “No Matt, she knows not to go in the street.  Watch” and I yell at her “Kayla don’t do it.  You do not go in the street! Stop right now, or I will spank you!”
And as I thought she would, I expected her to show her parents what a good girl she was and stop.
But nope……….she went right into the middle of the street
(I made sure there was no danger of cars, before I allowed this)

and I walked up to her and she looked up at me grinning and I said “I told you no.  Now you are going to get spanked” and I spanked her once hard on her leg and butt.
(She still wears diapers so I had to make it sting on the leg, since she wouldn’t feel it so much on the diaper)
She cried and went marching towards her parents and neither one of them picked her up.
We went in the house and Kayla looks up at me still crying and I picked her up and I said “I’m sorry honey, but it is not negotiable…you do not ever go in the street!”
She stopped crying and didn’t want me to put her down.

When it came time to leave she wanted to stay with me.
So I think her feelings got hurt that I spanked her, more than the actual spanking hurt.

it just goes to show you (and me) that just because you expect someone to do something the right way, they go and show you they will do what they want.
Even at the tender age of one year and ten months old.

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as I was driving in this morning I was listening to the radio as I usually do.
the two guys on the station I listen to were talking about the cooler temps and how nice it all was.
one said to the other one about how nice the corn was looking and it looked to be like it might be an early harvest.
the other guy said “What does that mean?”
the first guy said “Well the corn is turning brown so the farmers can get the harvesting done early this year”
the second guy said “you mean you can’t harvest when the corn is green?”
the first guy laughed and said “Uh no, duh, you can’t”
And the second guy said “How do I know, I came from the city! I no nothing about corn!  I’ve never been in a cornfield!”
The first guy said “Dude, you have never been in a cornfield?  Let me take you out to my parents farm! It is an experience!”
And the second guy says “No way, I don’t want to go into a cornfield because there are horses and pigs and chickens in the fields and I want no part of that!”
The first guy and I were laughing quite hard as I can only imagine anyone who was listening was laughing as well.
The first guy says “There has to be something wrong if animals are running through cornfields!”
And the second guy said “I won’t do it, I’m not going to cornfields with animals running around, it is just too scary”

Talk about funny.
People’s perception of things are hilarious!

the first guy of course explained that no animals are let loose in the cornfields but the second guy wasn’t convinced.
It was a laughable couple of minutes.

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