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The American   1 comment

my husband and I just got back from seeing George Clooney’s new movie “The American” 
I think George has the most beautiful eyes of any man out there and his smile is quite nice too.
So I didn’t mind going to watch George on the big screen.
However I’m not sure what the point was of the entire movie.
It was filmed in Italy and it was quite beautiful scenery, but ….again, what was the point of the movie?
There was a sex scene with a prostitute that I didn’t quite get the reasoning for.
I guess because we were suppose to get that George’s character, was human.

Regardless….as my husband said “It was a waste of our time”
I’m not sure I agree with that totally because it was entertaining, for the hour and forty minutes we sat there…..

but George has done better movies with much better scripts than this one.

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a restless night   Leave a comment

I had Keira and Kayla last night and it was a very restless night.
Neither one slept well, they slept all night long but they both cried out in their sleep several times and moved all around the bed.
So needless to say I didn’t sleep well due to that.
Plus I have to worry they don’t fall off the bed.
I put big pillows on Keira’s side to hopefully keep her safely on the bed but she kept knocking them off.

I love them both very much but…..I’m thankful I have tonight to rest up and hopefully sleep late tomorrow since there is no work.

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