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disappointed   1 comment

so I got some news today that I have to say makes me disappointed.

My brother and his new wife and her two children were planning on coming down from Canada to visit in October.
One of my sisters told me today that he says they won’t make it.
one due to the fact that they don’t want to pull the kids out of school and….getting the time off of work may be a problem.

That is disappointing.

I understand how people get busy with life and things come up.

Maybe my sisters and I all need to get passports and go up to Canada to see him!

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the stuff clogging my brain   1 comment

I wish it was cooler out, I am quite sick of the humidity.

I wish my vacation started next week instead of at the end of October.

I wish I was fifty pounds lighter than I am. (wishing won’t get me there, I know!)

I wish I was a millionnaire so I never had to work again………

I hope that people use their common sense when it comes to hurricane Earl and that they evacuate like the authorities tell them to and not think they should stay to protect their homes.

I hope that the war ends soon and that all the soldiers make it safely home

I hope this day goes quickly and tomorrow too and then the weekend just creeps by.
Thank God it is a three-day weekend.

I pray daily that my children and their significant others and spouses make it home safely from their days at work.
I pray daily that my grand children are all well and no harm comes to them.

I pray often that one day my eldest child will open her heart to me again and decide that I am an alright person despite all my faults.

I thank God for my family and their health and the health of my siblings and their familes as well.

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