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strange dream   Leave a comment

I had the stupidest dream last night.
I have no idea where it came from.
Totally insane.
Anyway I was dreaming that I bought a mansion with my husband.
The mansion was a full block square, it was that big, with four floors of nothing but beauty.
I was however married to Matt Damon, the actor.
Don’t ask me why.
I have no idea, why.
Anyway we had children, a girl and a boy and we were loving our new home.
Ben Affleck, (also an actor) came by to see our home and in my dream I realized he and I were secretly in love.

Don’t ask me where this stupid dream came from.
I have no idea.

And while I think Matt Damon is a decent actor and Ben Affleck is nice to look at but not that great of an actor….I just can’t fathom why I would dream of them.

Makes no sense at all.
chalk it up to nothing but stupid…..

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say it isn’t so Brad!   Leave a comment

I just read online that Brad Pitt thinks that maybe the “Death penalty” should be enforced for those responsible for the BP disaster.
Oh say it isn’t so Brad!!!
My opinion of him just went way low, with that statement.

yes it was horrific and yes we may be paying for it for years to come.
But the death penalty?
Come on!
It wasn’t intentional.
It wasn’t done in malice.

maybe they took longer than they should have to recap the thing and clean up, but come on, the death penalty?????

I’m flabbergasted!

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not the heart but ……….   Leave a comment

My husband found out today that he is diabetic.
He was put on insulin pills twice a day.

I’m not sure the whole thing has hit him yet.

I think he was so releaved when he found out his heart was fine, that he felt like he passed with flying colors.
only to find out today that he is diabetic…..

I think it is a shock yet….if he really thinks about it, he should have known it was coming.
I mean it runs in his family…and he is heavier than he should be…..

still as I told him, taking the insulin beats dying from the disease.
and taking the pills isn’t as bad as getting shots……..

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The Mamas and the Papas got it right….   Leave a comment

as I am moving around the school today I can’t help but think of the song “Monday Monday” by the Mama’s and the Papa’s

how I hate Monday’s.

and while I know, it is because I just had two days off and I’m not ready to come back to work,……I really am not overly fond of Monday’s.

I know, a lot of people feel the same way.

Where did the weekend go?
I haven’t a clue……..

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my night with my girls   Leave a comment

I had my darling Keira and Kayla last night.
Keira didn’t get a nap and therefore was ready for bed at nine pm.
So we went up to bed.
I think both Keira and I were out before Kayla fell asleep but the little tyke woke me up right before two am and was moving around on the bed for over two hours.
She never actually talked or made any noise, but she was awake and moving all around the bed trying to get comfortable to go back to sleep

she is still sleeping now and it is almost eight am.
Keira got me up at seven.

we have to do the building check at the school and Keira wants to go to “Pizza Hut” for lunch but we shall see.

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SwimSuit   1 comment

I finished the book “SwimSuit” by Robert Patterson  and I have to say while it was an interesting read when I was reading it. I think the man has lost his touch when it comes to writing a really good novel.

this is the man who wrote “Kill the Girls” and many other really good books.
Like the Alex Cross series…..

so this book “SwimSuit” fell short

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weekends almost over   1 comment

I can’t believe how fast the weekend goes.
Here it is five pm on Saturday afternoon already
I just don’t understand where the time goes.
It is sad really.
I know the saying time flies when you are having fun but jesh…..this is ridiculous

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The Help   Leave a comment

I just finished reading the book “The Help” by Kathryn Strockett and I have to say it took me four months to get myself through it.
Once I had finished, I thought, okay that was a decent book, but I found it to be very dry in most of it and it was hard to keep interested in it.
a couple of my family members have read it and thought it was great so my sister bought it for me for my birthday in May.
I wouldn’t say it was great.
It was decent and the story was a good one.
But like I said, it was very boring through a lot of it

Still I’m glad I finished it and it is finally over with.
now I can go on to something else that is a bit more entertaining.

Not to say I would never read it again because one day I might.
I just don’t think people telling me how great it was, did anything for the book.
Obviously my idea of great and theirs is two different things.
And 95% of the time if someone tells me something is great and I should read it or see the movie….95% of the time, I am always disappointed.

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thank God for Friday’s   Leave a comment

it seems to have been a long week.
Thank God it is Friday!
How I love Friday’s and the weekends.

No great plans for the weekend other than watching my girls tomorrow night.
Hopefully it will be quiet and relaxing and non stressful.

That is the plan anyway.

Happy Friday every one!!!

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Day one   Leave a comment

Today is the first day of school in the Iowa City School District.
I have been running ragged since I got here.

Hopefully things will calm down here quite soon.
Hate being so busy I am sweating when I barely walked in the door.

I know same old song.

I need to plan a mini vacation some where.

I have two maintainance guys who have told me they will do the building checks if I ever want a weekend off, so I am going to take them up on it and soon.

hope everyone has a good Thursday!

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