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off   1 comment

I know of no other way to describe it, but I just feel “Off”
I have felt this way for a few days now.
I am tired all of the time, have no energy and occasionally I feel like I could faint.
I am guessing I have a virus of some kind.
I break out in a sweat every few hours or so, and even if I am standing in an air conditioned room, I am hot.
Maybe it is just menopause?
I don’t know…..


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living with a diabetic   2 comments

my husband and I went to a class yesterday on diabetes.
he was diagnosed a week ago with this disease.
We got see a dietitian next week and learn more on what to eat and not eat

living with a diabetic is challenging.
We can’t just go out to eat now without paying close attention to what he is eating .

For instance if he has a burrito, you have to count the shell, the meat, the salsa, the vegetables, if there are any, but you can’t count it all as one thing, you have to dissect it and make it work that way

and portion control is another concern.

This is a man who would eat four hamburgers in one setting.
Going from four to one, is going to be hard for him.

I must say though, he is agreeable and knows that this is what must be done.

I told him I will eat what he eats, that I will cook for him and I will eat it and not complain.
Basically cutting all sugar out of a diet and keeping the carbs low.

It is a positive thing when he is so agreeable and willing.
And maybe I will lose some weight too in the process.

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