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forget the plans   Leave a comment

so I had great plans today.
Clean my house and work in the yard.
Then my daughter in law asked me to watch her girls while she went to play in a softball tournament so I agreed.
I had them for four hours and then got my grandson which I have had now for three and a half hours.
He is sleeping right now but I can’t clean while he is sleeping (running the vacuum cleaner)

so I have to wait.
The grand girls, Keira and Kayla are coming back to stay the night while their parents go bowling.
Their league starts up again and runs through May.

They don’t have to stay the night but Keira asked if they could so they will.

So tomorrow after I send the girl’s home, I will finish up my cleaning
The yard work can wait.
I don’t really want to deal with the mosquitoes very much any way.



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