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what to say today?   1 comment

well let’s see, what can I talk about today?
I have been up since three am, with stomach issues.
Rather annoying.
It was almost to the point that I was going to call in sick but it got better, or at least well enough for me to be here.

Thrilled that it is Friday.
I wonder how many people aren’t thrilled that it is Friday?
I can’t imagine there are too many.

finally got around to buying my eldest sister her birthday present, (only 28 days late) now I just have to find the card I bought her and send it to her.

Easy pease huh?
not really.
I bought a beautiful card for my grand-daughter for her birthday and do you think I could find it when it came time to give it to her?
Of course a few days after her birthday I found it.
Always the way with me it seems

I had the writing bug yesterday and got about fifty pages written, than my husband and I went out to eat last night and I came home and I had lost the ability to write.
Quite depressing.

The weather is still perfect out.
Although they say the humidity is coming back on Sunday

Which isn’t good, but hey we got five days without it so that is great to me.

well I am at work so I suppose the thing to do is work huh?

they don’t pay me to play on the computer… until next time…..

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