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am I fickle?   Leave a comment

I don’t think I am wishy-washy

I have my beliefs and my standards and I know right from wrong.

Although I do change my feelings towards some people from time to time.
Being fickle is defined as not staying constant,  so maybe I am fickle?

when I love I love deeply, but people can make me feel less in love with them by things they do or don’t do.
Does that make me fickle?

the feelings are constant, ….however…..I do feel less desire to be with this person when certain things happen…..

maybe I just need to see a psychiatrist?

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it pains me   Leave a comment

so we have a recycle program at my school

we recycle paper and cardboard.
So this morning I am emptying a recycle bin to put into a large bin that I wheel out in to the designated spot for them to come and pick up on Friday morning.

Anyway this morning I find two books at the bottom of the recycle bin.
that pains me.
Why would anyone throw away a book?

If nothing else take it to Goodwill and let them try to sell it.

one is called “Talk of the Town” by Lisa Wingate and the other is “Shoe Addicts Anonymous”  by Beth Harbison

and while neither book looks like something I would buy for myself to read, it still causes me pain to think someone was just going to throw them away.

I will try to read both.
Just because to me it was a gift to find a book at the bottom of the recycle bin and I always accept gifts.

Posted August 25, 2010 by Marge in ramblings