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my night with my girls   Leave a comment

I had my darling Keira and Kayla last night.
Keira didn’t get a nap and therefore was ready for bed at nine pm.
So we went up to bed.
I think both Keira and I were out before Kayla fell asleep but the little tyke woke me up right before two am and was moving around on the bed for over two hours.
She never actually talked or made any noise, but she was awake and moving all around the bed trying to get comfortable to go back to sleep

she is still sleeping now and it is almost eight am.
Keira got me up at seven.

we have to do the building check at the school and Keira wants to go to “Pizza Hut” for lunch but we shall see.

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SwimSuit   1 comment

I finished the book “SwimSuit” by Robert Patterson  and I have to say while it was an interesting read when I was reading it. I think the man has lost his touch when it comes to writing a really good novel.

this is the man who wrote “Kill the Girls” and many other really good books.
Like the Alex Cross series…..

so this book “SwimSuit” fell short

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