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The Help   Leave a comment

I just finished reading the book “The Help” by Kathryn Strockett and I have to say it took me four months to get myself through it.
Once I had finished, I thought, okay that was a decent book, but I found it to be very dry in most of it and it was hard to keep interested in it.
a couple of my family members have read it and thought it was great so my sister bought it for me for my birthday in May.
I wouldn’t say it was great.
It was decent and the story was a good one.
But like I said, it was very boring through a lot of it

Still I’m glad I finished it and it is finally over with.
now I can go on to something else that is a bit more entertaining.

Not to say I would never read it again because one day I might.
I just don’t think people telling me how great it was, did anything for the book.
Obviously my idea of great and theirs is two different things.
And 95% of the time if someone tells me something is great and I should read it or see the movie….95% of the time, I am always disappointed.


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thank God for Friday’s   Leave a comment

it seems to have been a long week.
Thank God it is Friday!
How I love Friday’s and the weekends.

No great plans for the weekend other than watching my girls tomorrow night.
Hopefully it will be quiet and relaxing and non stressful.

That is the plan anyway.

Happy Friday every one!!!

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