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If I should die before I wake……   Leave a comment

I worked eleven hours today and as I was driving home at eight thirty a couple of times I felt like I could have nodded off.
At any rate I didn’t and I made it home, but this line  came into my head as I was driving home “If I should die before I wake……..”

so this is the letter I would have wanted everyone to read if I would have fallen asleep at the wheel and crashed my car and died.

To my children….I love you all so very much.
I ache when you are struggling and I rejoice when you are happy.
The best of times is when the four of you are together joking and laughing and having fun just being together.
I miss that and I hope you all remember how important you are to each other through out your adult lives.

to my husband, I thank you for your never ending patience with me and for loving me.
I know it hasn’t always been easy and I apologize for that.

to my four beautiful grandchildren, I love you so much, I adore you so much and I thank you for  bring such joy into my life.
you are more precious than words, all four of you, and I hope you all grow up to be kind caring and considerate people and follow your dreams.
You can be anything you want to be.
So dream big!
to my siblings, I love you and treasure the memories of our childhoods and the people you have become today.

to my friends, thanks for being there for me.

I could get more personal with all my children and grandchildren……but since none of them will ever read this…..I will save it for another time…


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I want to be checking out…..   Leave a comment

I have discovered while I still am not overly fond of Monday’s  I have discovered that Tuesday’s are the worst day of the week for me anymore.
Maybe because I am just plain and simply tired.
Tired of picking up after people.
Tired of cleaning
Tired of the rat race of getting it all done

just plain and simply tired.

I want to check out for a while.
I don’t want to be me for a week.
I just want to go someplace quiet and peaceful and recoup.

if only that were possible………

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