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Friday night   Leave a comment

I had all four of my grandchildren tonight and let me tell you, it was tough.
Tough because I was tired already, and trying to make four children happy, was hard to do at times.

I love them all so very much but to have all four of them at one time was too much.
At least tonight.

Now it is ten pm and I’m tired and ready for bed.

Suppose to be cooler in twenty-four hours with no humidity.
I am anxious for that.
I am ready for cooler temps.

Happy weekend all!


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I can’t function……..   Leave a comment

I am exhausted.
Literally exhausted.

I have more work to do than time to do it anymore and every time I walk into this building, in the mornings I have a mess that a teacher has left for me to clean up.
If it isn’t recycling, or over loaded garbage bags it is moving furniture for them or leaving a bunch of furniture in the hallways for me to take to the already over crowded basement.

I can’t hardly function with all this when I feel so completely worn out.
Man I hate this job…..

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