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Heart Attack   Leave a comment

I woke up in the middle of the night to find my husband not in bed beside me.
I went to the top of our staircase and sure enough he was snoring down stairs.

So I went back to bed.

I get up this morning, take my bath and get ready for work and I go downstairs to find him sleeping in the recliner.
I asked him what was wrong.

He said he had pain in the center of his chest and that it radiated to his right arm, and he couldn’t lay flat because it hurt so much.
I said, let’s go to the emergency room.
he said no, he thinks it is just a pulled muscle.
That he didn’t feel dizzy when standing and he had no other symptoms other than the inability to lay flat due to the pain.

I informed him that any chest pain, shouldn’t be taken lightly and it didn’t matter which arm the pain was going to, a heart attack could be pain anywhere in the chest, arms, neck or back.

he thinks he will be fine.

SO I came to work.
I talked to him about thirty minutes ago and he said he felt “perfect”

now he may very well be lying to me, but we have discussed this dozens of times in the past…and he has always promised me, that if he wasn’t feeling good and or had chest pains that he wouldn’t keep it to himself
(So many men keep it to themselves)

so I want to be assured that he is telling me the truth.

My husband is at least 150 pounds heavier than he should be so I do think I have a reason to worry.
Plus both his parents died from heart attacks………


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