Sunday morning with my grandgirls   Leave a comment

I’m sitting here with my darling Kayla as she is watching Mickey Mouse

she got me up at six fifteen and her sister Keira is still sleeping.

Kayla has a bad cold and cough and she wakes up with matted eyes to where I have to wipe them several times with warm water so that they will open up.
I had it too when I was a child.
I always assumed it had to do with weak eyes but maybe not.
Maybe it is just the cold thing.

Aaron has it in his right eye too.

all the articles I read say it is just due to the cold or allergies and will go away when the cold/allergies  goes away

meanwhile my little missy is miserable

Posted August 8, 2010 by Marge in family, Kayla, my loves, ramblings

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