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out of the mouth of babes   Leave a comment

We took Keira and Kayla with us to do the building check at my school and out to lunch.
I had my usual ice water and for whatever reason they always put a slice of lemon on the side of the glass.
Keira asked me if I was going to eat it and I told her no
She licked it and made a funny face and then threw it on her papa’s plate and he said “I will eat this if you give me a kiss”
And she said “Okay”
So he eats it and makes a funny face too for how sour it is and he said “Okay where is my kiss?”
And Keira laughs and says “I’m not kissing you, you are gross!”

She also told him while he was eating to eat with his mouth closed.
She said and I quote  “Do you want me to come across that table and smack your face!!! You eat with your mouth closed right now!”
I laughed so hard I almost choked on my food.

I have tried to figure out a way to tell him nicely for months about closing his mouth when he eats
And my darling Keira said it like he was two years old!

it was so funny!!!


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Sunday morning with my grandgirls   Leave a comment

I’m sitting here with my darling Kayla as she is watching Mickey Mouse

she got me up at six fifteen and her sister Keira is still sleeping.

Kayla has a bad cold and cough and she wakes up with matted eyes to where I have to wipe them several times with warm water so that they will open up.
I had it too when I was a child.
I always assumed it had to do with weak eyes but maybe not.
Maybe it is just the cold thing.

Aaron has it in his right eye too.

all the articles I read say it is just due to the cold or allergies and will go away when the cold/allergies  goes away

meanwhile my little missy is miserable

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