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a full house, finally Friday and a busy weekend   Leave a comment

the title of this blog sums it all up.
All the kids came over for supper last night as we grilled out.
We don’t do that enough, have everyone there together.
It was enjoyable and fun to listen to the younger three interact and just visit all the way around.
Brian’s wife was working and of course Paula isn’t there but it was still enjoyable.

yes it is Finally Friday.  Seems like it has been a long week.
Less than two weeks now till school starts.
I will be ready.
I almost wish it was next week so I could slow down a bit on the job….but all in due time.

We are going to adventureland tomorrow and any of you who are reading and are not from Iowa,  Adventureland is a park with numerous rides and a lot of walking and just an over all good time for family vacations.
one price gets you in the gates and you can ride the rides all day long, walk around, and eat (that is extra)

kind of like a fair, but the park we are going to tomorrow is clean and well-tended to and all paved so there are no dirt roads or ruts to push strollers through.
My sons and their families and my husband and I  are going to go.
My youngest daughter and her boyfriends didn’t want to.

So it should be a good time.

Then we will have Keira and Kayla over night tomorrow night and part of the time on Sunday.

Hope everyone can enjoy their Friday!


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