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busy doing busy work   Leave a comment

well I have been here at work for almost two hours and I can now finally get back to the cleaning business.
I have been taking garbage from classrooms and collecting paper to put in our recycle bins so they can collect it tomorrow morning.
School hasn’t even started and there were numerous garbage cans full of trash.


I was spoiled when my night custodian was here because he always took care of the garbage.

I won’t say I miss him, because I never really cared for the man……but I miss that extra person helping……..


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I’m thinking……..   Leave a comment

I’m thinking it is time to seriously pursue other avenues.

I’m seriously thinking it is time to start an exercise regime

I’m thinking…..I don’t want to be fifty years old and still be plugging away at this job.

I’m thinking……I need more excitement  in my life.

I’m thinking…..all roads lead to me and I only I can map out which way I’m going…..

I’m thinking…..I need a vacation!

I’m thinking…….is this all just dreaming out loud?

Posted August 5, 2010 by Marge in ramblings