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The gift of life   Leave a comment

depression runs rapid in my family.
I have five sisters and one brother and all of us have had some form of depression in our lives.
I think, my brother and myself are probably the least affected by this disease, but I do think we have had a mild share of it.

I have a sister who has a hard time keeping a job, for whatever reason.
I think she tends to sabotage herself ( should she read this, it will probably upset her greatly)
I don’t mean it in a bad way.
I just think she sort of sets herself up for things to happen.
Sometimes it is better to just lay low and roll with the flow, and she isn’t like that.
At any rate she is going through some dark days right now due to not having a job and her health.
She is a diabetic and while I know she does the best she can, I think she needs to exercise more and not eat all the things she eats.
(Again if you are reading sis, this isn’t meant to piss you off)

I don’t want to come across as I am a know it all, or that I have all the answers.
I don’t.
But I do believe we are all granted this gift of life, and I think it is up to us, how we proceed with it.
Granted if you are without funds to enjoy the finer things in life, than that might put a damper on your dreams…..

but there is so much of life that is free.
Love is free.
All you have to do is give it to receive it.
And no I’m not talking about passion with the opposite sex.
I am talking about children and grandchildren.

The beauty of this world we live in, is free.
I was driving into work this morning, with thunder clouds off to my left and blue skies on my right and a pinkish sunrise in my rear view mirror.
I would love to have stopped and just stood there on the side of the highway and watch another day dawn….

breathing in and out in our country is free………yes just existing can get mundane and boring, but there is so much out there to learn from, to seek….to embrace………

I wish I could make people see the world we live in as I see it.
The beauty of¬† it, the untouchable sky we live under…….the insects, the wild life…..our magnificent sunrises and sunsets.
And this is just in our state of Iowa!

The mountains and the beaches have beauty too……..

I say embrace this gift of life and marvel at its wonder…….and find happiness……that is right there in front of us all….


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