big deal, so what, who cares?   4 comments

No one reads me anymore.
And while I don’t write for someone to read me, I find it odd that no one checks in.
Not even my own family.
I must have become boring.

my Monday morning starts at six pm tonight when I go into wax the main entry way floor.
The best part of that is, my Friday will end earlier than it normally does.

I cleaned half my house on Friday night after getting off of work and I need to clean the other half today.
Not sure I will get to it and it isn’t messy by any means.
Just need to dust and vacuum.

somethings are never ending.

I want to go on vacation, I want to get in my car and drive and act like I am sitting on top of the world and enjoy a life of leisure for a while.
Unfortunately that won’t happen for a while.
Mostly due to the job and my needing to be there….as school starts for another year.

(it is a job requirement that we can’t take time off the two weeks before or after school starts or ends)

so the earliest I will get to vacation is September.
And then I must have it approved.
And so far my boss isn’t too keen on approving anything.

Why can’t I be rich?
My sister and I talk about this all of the time.
Why does life have to be so mundane?

Ahh well…..I shouldn’t complain.
I have it better than most……..

Posted August 1, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

4 responses to “big deal, so what, who cares?

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  1. What’s with the pity party? You must’ve had a bad bad when you wrote this. You shouldn’t worry about how many people read your blog. I used to do the same, then I took out the widget that tracks readers. It was driving me nuts. Now, I write for myself and the handful of regular readers who drop by. If you’re worried about others not writing, that’s their stuff to deal with. If your family members – the ones who blog – want to know what you’re up to, have them call. Your writing is a creative outlet. Focus on who you are and the gifts you have to share. Forget about the things you don’t have or are out of your control. I care that you have crummy days like this. Others do, too.

  2. I read you every day, every post. 😛

  3. I wonder if your counter is working? I’ve checked 3 different posts and left and came back three times but the counter hasn’t changed once.

  4. I agree by the way – I got rid of my counter too because it was making me nuts. I don’t care if no one reads me – it is the fun of writing that keeps me doing it.

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