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off to go wax a floor   Leave a comment

well I am off to go to work and wax a floor so that tomorrow when the teachers get there they can walk on it.

Hate using my weekend like this, but there is no other way.
Just have to grin and bear it and do it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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big deal, so what, who cares?   4 comments

No one reads me anymore.
And while I don’t write for someone to read me, I find it odd that no one checks in.
Not even my own family.
I must have become boring.

my Monday morning starts at six pm tonight when I go into wax the main entry way floor.
The best part of that is, my Friday will end earlier than it normally does.

I cleaned half my house on Friday night after getting off of work and I need to clean the other half today.
Not sure I will get to it and it isn’t messy by any means.
Just need to dust and vacuum.

somethings are never ending.

I want to go on vacation, I want to get in my car and drive and act like I am sitting on top of the world and enjoy a life of leisure for a while.
Unfortunately that won’t happen for a while.
Mostly due to the job and my needing to be there….as school starts for another year.

(it is a job requirement that we can’t take time off the two weeks before or after school starts or ends)

so the earliest I will get to vacation is September.
And then I must have it approved.
And so far my boss isn’t too keen on approving anything.

Why can’t I be rich?
My sister and I talk about this all of the time.
Why does life have to be so mundane?

Ahh well…..I shouldn’t complain.
I have it better than most……..


Posted August 1, 2010 by Marge in ramblings