happiness is…..   1 comment

happiness is….my grandchildren

happiness is….walking in the rain

happiness is…..sunrises and sunsets

happiness is….a really good thunderstorm

happiness is….being with my family

happiness is….children

happiness is….laughing so hard I’m crying with my sisters

happiness is…..walking arm in arm with the one you love

happiness is…..a good nights sleep

happiness is…..a good meal

happiness is…..Friday afternoons

happiness is….memories of my mother

happiness is….memories from my childhood

happiness is…..a excellent book that you can’t put down

happiness is…..working in my yard

happiness is….a good movie

happiness is….whatever is out there that makes you happy.

Posted July 30, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

One response to “happiness is…..

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  1. YES! Great posting! This is what you should be focusing on. I like reading these posts because the person writing is the person you want to be, with all those things that create happiness. No one can do it for you – it’s for you to create your own happiness.

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