the blahs…..   Leave a comment

I have them.
I have the blahs…..I have the ‘life is one big circle going round and round and doing the same thing over and over with little or not change.’

Maybe it is my sister being down that has made me feel down too.
I’m not sure.
But I definitely have the blahs.
I come to work only because I have so much to do.
I get here, and I see a new teacher has basically thrown empty boxes out in the hallway for me to deal with.
No one is considerate of me and all that I have to do.
They only think of themselves.
It exhausts me just to think about it.

Yeah I know, quite whining, it is just disheartening to walk into here with an already full plate for the next three weeks, only to find a mess to clean up before I can begin my day.

Yep I definitely have the blahs…..

wish I was on vacation some where…..far far away from here………


Posted July 26, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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