the dash in the middle

I’m sure you have heard of the saying, it isn’t the dates on the tombstone but the dash in between them that counts

meaning a person isn’t made up of the day they were born or the day they died, it is the dash in between that counts.

I often think of those who have gone to Heaven before me.
My Mother, my one and only Grandmother, many aunts and uncles and cousins

luckily for me, none of my siblings have passed yet

My oldest sister turns 66 this year.
My mother passed away at 65, so I look at my eldest sister and I think, Mom.

65 is so young, especially when I am 49 years old.
When my mother passed I was 32, and 65 felt pretty old then.

now I look at my eldest sister and think of my mother and all the life she could have lived, had she only lived.

some people get to have their parents well into their nineties.
My husband’s grandmother passed away when she was 91

now that is a long fulfilling life!

I think of my own dash, and what my life has been and is.
I was sitting in my back yard last night with two of my four grandchildren, pushing the girls on the swings and watching them play.

as I was sitting there I thought ‘this is what it is all about.  Family, children, grandchildren…..”

this is the good life.

Yes there are many things I would like to do.
Travel mostly
I even think of going back to school occasionally…..

but the most important thing in life is one’s family.
And I know my mother knew that.
I think everyone who dies before us, knows in the end, if not before, that family is the most important thing.

Well to me God is first, because without Him I wouldn’t have my blessing’s which is my family
And then family is second, only to God.
And then one’s health is of utmost importance.

the college degree, or the money in the bank are all way down on the line of what is REALLY important.

I do hope, although I won’t be buried so I won’t have a tombstone, but I do hope when I come to the end of my life, and after I’m gone, those who are left behind think, “she was of some importance”
that is what I hope to leave behind.
That and my growing family.


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