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a new day……now I just need a new attitude………

Really I am fine, just back at work again with more than enough cleaning to keep me busy for the next month.

I know stop complaining…..

a person I use to consider a friend is turning 61 tomorrow and I don’t know if I should bother with wishing this person a “Happy Birthday” or not.
I use to love and care about this person very much, but circumstances make it easier for me to not have this person in my life.
However…..I keep thinking I should just send a quick “Happy Birthday”
But isn’t that opening a door I am not so sure I want opened?
I miss my friend but this person has become a liar and I can’t deal with liars.
I have no time for liars.

but I still miss my friend…..

so there lies the question….

do I send the email?
knowing to this person it will be a door to renewing the friendship?
or do I ignore the birthday?

 this person didn’t acknowledge my birthday when it was here two months ago, so……why do I feel the need to even spend my time thinking about this?????


Posted July 14, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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