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I just had a freakish scare.
Yesterday before leaving I was getting things ready to start my day out today.
one of those things was putting water in a bucket to begin my day off with scrubbing walls.
I walked upstairs where I was working here at the school, and what was in the water?
A mouse!
Now how did he get in there?
he was fighting like crazy to get out again but was unable to because of the wet sides of the bucket!
It freaked me out!
I assume mice can crawl on nearly anything?
But where did he come from?
And how long was he in that bucket of water?
I took both the bucket and mr mouse outside and dumped it.
he sat there looking stunned as I retreated back into the school with my now empty bucket.

I sure hope this little guy has learned his lesson!
(I kid you not Buttercup600! A true story!)

Posted July 7, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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