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I feel like complaining!
I have a handful of stuff I want to complain about but I feel I tend to get on a roll here and I’m sure you dear readers are tired of my complaining about my job.
So I won’t.

I feel in need of a bath and my shift isn’t even half over.
I’m hungry but must force myself to wait another hour to eat lunch
WHY, you may wonder?

because if I eat lunch too early then my afternoon just drags.

When school is in session I don’t get to eat lunch till one pm.
SO I try to wait until at least noon to eat so that way my afternoon isn’t that long.

on a good note I am making wonderful progress with the school
Have only five classrooms and two temp buildings to do and then I can work on hallways and offices, the library and gym.
That long tunnel is getting shorter every day!
And that is a great feeling!!!

Posted July 7, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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