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off to bed   Leave a comment

it is nine thirty here and I am tired so it is off to bed for me.
Tomorrow is Thursday, the first of July.
that means half the year is over with.
scary to think of it like that.
But….it is what it is.

Went swimming with my son and his daughter this afternoon.
Wouldn’t you know it, I dove into the nine foot to swim across the pool and got a Charlie Horse in my leg.
I managed to make it across the pool but man was that painful.

Still it felt good to swim and get exercise.
Yes the different kind than what I am getting at work.

So goodnight world.


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eyes on the future….   Leave a comment

I’m beat, literally bushed…completely tired…..

but I keep telling myself to look to the future…..concentrate on that light at the end of the tunnel.
It is one long damn tunnel.
At least ten miles long……but I know the end is there…..

I can barely see the light at the end of it………..

what am I talking about you may wonder?
This summer job.
I have 7 weeks from tomorrow until school starts….

and while it seems like a while yet,….it also seems like it is coming quite quickly.
I have no doubt I will be done with everything, even if I have to work a weekend or two to get it done………

still I wish it was all done.

But like I told my sister earlier….cleaning the school and sweating like crazy is so much better than shoveling snow in arctic weather.

So I should quit complaining huh?

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6 weeks   Leave a comment

well today my daughter is going back to work after being off six weeks due to having her son.
the time went quickly and while I think she probably got a bit bored during the day in and day out routine of being home with an infant, I know she will miss him a lot now that she has to be away from him for nine hours of her day.

he still is up every two to three hours so I know that too will cause her to be tired because she never gets a good night sleep
However her boyfriend is good about taking his turn with my little peanut during the night.

I know they will be fine and survive this but I do wish my daughter could just stay home and just be mom.

however I have been making her car payment for her for over six months now, and I will be happy when she takes that three hundred-dollar payment back……


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The end of June   Leave a comment

well this summer seems to be going quicker than I had hoped it would.
It is the end of June already!
a four-day weekend is coming up to celebrate Independence Day in the United States!
I can’t say I am sorry to see June end in many ways though.
it was a very rainy June.
It rained more than it was sunny.
But thankfully this week it has been wonderfully cool and sunshine nearly all the time.
Hasn’t hit 80 degrees yet this week and anyone who knows me, knows I think when the temp is between 75-80 degrees with a lot of sunshine and a slight breeze, to me that is perfect weather.
And this week sure has been perfect.

July is just around the corner, and with it 4 birthday’s, a wedding and probably more heat and humidity, which I could do without.

But one must go on.
One must look to the future and smile.
how else can we make it through these days?

Happy Wednesday!

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