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due to a concerned reader (Mr. Maine) I want to explain something about my feeling tired all of the time.

First off, I was off work for three weeks, a total of 21 days due to a slipped disk in my back.
With orders to do nothing but rest and lift nothing over five pounds

And then my job is always horrific in the summer months.
I am required to clean 18 classrooms from ceiling lights to walls, to floor boards, carpet and all the furniture in the room AND the tiles on the floor, plus four offices, a gym, five hallways, seven rooms outside in temp buildings and all the windows in the school.

four student bathrooms and two staff bathrooms too.

This year I have had ten teachers move.
Five in the school alone, with me required to move them.

AND my night custodian retired this year and they haven’t sent anyone to replace him or help me.

Added to that, my being off three weeks doing nothing and then going full throttle into cleaning a school with no help, THAT is the reason I am exhausted every day after I get home.

Plus the school isn’t air-conditioned, so therefore add sweating on top of all of that.

now don’t think I am feeling sorry for myself, I’m not.
I just wanted to explain why I am so completely tired after a day of work.

I’m healthy and yes overweight, but I am healthy and there is no reason to worry about me.

Just spoiled during the school year and then working like crazy in the summer months.

Just joys of my job.
But thanks for caring.

Posted June 26, 2010 by Marge in ramblings

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