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time to crash   Leave a comment

I know it is only eight thirty but I am really fighting to keep my eyes open.
I was up until ten thirty last night and probably didn’t fall asleep until closer to eleven
And after working so dang hard today at work I am all tuckered out.
Literally feel like all my strength has left me

I have four different spots on my body that are bruised from all my hard work today.
one on my upper arm on the left arm, a twin of the same bruise in the same spot on my right arm, one on wrist and a huge one on my knee.

Guess I need to be more careful.

Good night world!

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Or I’d like to be…..   Leave a comment

or any one of these places would make me happy too.

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I’d like to be…..   Leave a comment

near the water……..

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I miss your smile

I miss your face

I miss your arms

that held me so tightly in your embrace

I miss our talks

I miss our walks

I miss just breathing the air that you breathe and needing no words at all

I miss my friend

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worth it in the end   Leave a comment

so I realize my blogs are all full of my job right now, but I have one more thing to comment about.
As I was sweating like crazy moving furniture and makingย  a hundred trips from one building to the next I thought to myself, ‘I would rather be doing this than shoveling snow’

so, in the end it is all worth it.

it will be 5-6 months from now when the snow starts flying again and I love winter but I hate shoveling snow.

So I will be happy with sweating right now instead of shoveling snow.

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time to get moving   Leave a comment

alright I took my lunch break and it is almost over with so it is time for me to get moving again and finish up bringing the furniture into the building.
I have been working on it for almost four hours so it should only take me ninety minutes or so to finish it up.

it is a beautiful day outside.
no humidity which I love and even the bugs haven’t ย been bothering me, which is a rare treat.

so I’m off and ready to go again, (not raring to go, I hope you noticed!)

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it’s so easy it’s difficult   Leave a comment

I can laugh about it now, because it is over and done with, but I was moving a bookcase on wheels full of books, from a temp building outside into the school.

It should be easy right?
I mean it is on wheels?
as I was taking it up this small ramp, one of the wheels broke off and the entire bookcase fell over and half the books fell out.
So I pick up the books and walk ten or so to the school to deposit them and then come back and get more.
It took me four trips to just carry the books that fell out into the school
But by then the bookcase was light enough for me to lift back up and put the wheel back on.

It should have been so easy……

but it was quite difficult….

and at the time I said a few choice words that I will leave to your imagination.

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Lord Grant Me the Serenity   Leave a comment

Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference
this is what is going through my head this morning as I am moving boxes and garbage and working up a sweat and trying not to let my back get the better of me.
I know that with the Lord all things are possible.
I know this and I live this.
I know that with out the Lord I am spiraling down into a black hole of hell
I know that my children, husband and grandchildren are all blessings from God.
I know that without Him I have nothing because everything I have is a gift from Him.
I know that with Him everything is possible.
My Lord is my strength, my stability, my inner peace but mostly my Lord is my savour
And like my children and grandchildren and husband, there is no way I would want to live in a world that didn’t have my Lord

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dawn is here   Leave a comment

well it is another morning and I still have no energy.
I must find some quickly since I have a full eight-hour day ahead of me.
I’m tired already just thinking about it.

I’m sure you are tired of reading about it too, dear reader.

I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do.
It is supposed to be cooler today so that makes me think I should be moving furniture and boxes of things from one of our outside temp buildings into the school.
It makes sense to do it on a cooler day.
(Dare I say I am not sure I have the energy?)

or I could go back to cleaning classrooms and save the moving crap for another day?

I noticed garbage is accumulating around so I do have to go around and collect that today.

aah the joys of my life……so many things to do here at work and so little time to do it.
I best get started!
Happy Thursday!

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