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the wonder of Google   Leave a comment

I love Google.
Ask it any question and within seconds you have dozens of options at your fingertips.
I google a half a dozen times a day, just because it is informational.
of course most people would say the world-wide web is a wonder all in itself and google is just a small part of it, and that is true too, but I just enjoy throwing things out there to google and see what I can find.

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weather   Leave a comment

the weather channel says no rain now until Sunday, that the next three days will be full of sunshine and in the 80’s

Channel 9 (our local weather channel for those of you who don’t live in Iowa) says two days of sunshine and then rain again for the weekend.

I wonder which one is right?
Generally it is the weather channel over the local weather, in the summer months and vice versa in the winter months.

right now it is 85 with a heat index of 97

have I mentioned I’m not too thrilled with sweating?

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asleep at the wheel   Leave a comment

that is how I feel right now.
I feel like I’m running on auto pilot and snoozing as I am going a long.
I am so freaking tired.
It is insane how tired I feel.
not sure what it is.
I mean I am cutting out soda from my diet but I wouldn’t think going without  one can of sugary pop would make me feel like this.


of course it doesn’t help that I swear my husband has sleep apnea big time and I swear he stops breathing dozens of times during the night.
Will he go and get himself checked out?
Do pigs fly?
Hell no he won’t.
That would require going to the doctor and that is something he just doesn’t do.

so I wake up every time I can’t hear him breathing.
or at least I feel like I do.
And I lay there waiting, waiting waiting…for him to start breathing again.
And yes he always does.

nor does it help that the storm kept waking me up last night.

I’m a bear when I don’t get enough sleep
Always have been since I was a small child and I probably always will be.
Going to have to have the music blaring on the radio on the way home just so I can stay awake.

okay I’m done bitching now.

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post-y notes   Leave a comment

I have post-y notes all around me as I sit here at my office computer.
Notes from the principal to do this or that
notes from the secretary about other issues

notes on which teacher will be moving into which classrooms

I wish I was Samantha on “Bewitched” so that I could just wiggle my nose and it would all be done.
Unfortunately, I’m not, so I best get back to work.

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energy, hair and no desire to be here   Leave a comment

I just finished my lunch
A pasta salad I made last night with tuna in it.

It was decent, not wonderful and I don’t see myself making it again, but decent.
I have a bowl full at home that hopefully my husband will help me eat or I will be eating pasta all week!

Anyway since I just ate ,my lunch, one would think I would have some energy.
nope, nada…none…

I feel like I could take a nap……

My hair is getting longer and it is about time to get it cut again.
I hate sweating so much that my hair gets soaked and ladies and gentleman that is the way it has been since I started working with this summer schedule.

It’s an every day occurrence and that makes me think it is time to chop off the hair again……

I would prefer to be almost any where but here.
NO not a hospital or a funeral, but I would like to be on vacation some where.
how about Hawaii?
or Alaska?
Definitely Alaska.
Of course Utah comes to mind as well.
And even though I’m not too inspired by the heat and humidity here I would even settle (listen to me, settle?) on a beach some where out there with heat and humidity, at least I would be able to watch the waves roll in and out.


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what’s new?   Leave a comment

do you know I have people ask me this question almost daily

what’s new?
my sister asks me nearly every email she writes me, “what is new and exciting?”

a woman who use to work here at the school, every time she sees me she asks “what’s new?”

I went to a family reunion last Sunday and an aunt of my husband’s asked both of us “What’s new?  What do you do with yourselves?”

let me tell you people, I lead a very boring life.
I get up five days of the week and I come to work, I put in at least nine hours if not more and then I drive home and take a bath, because I am grungy and stink to high heaven.
Then, nine times out of ten, at least one of my four grandchildren come to visit, and we watch TV or I play with them and then before I know it, it is bedtime and I head to bed.

we have supper in there too around five thirty or six.
On the weekends I don’t do anything too exciting either.
I get up, usually around six thirty or seven, shower, come into work to do the building check, and maybe get groceries or go out to eat.
If the weather permits I spend time in my yard dealing with ever growing weeds, and then we either rent a movie or occasionally go to a theater to watch a movie.
My weekends fly by.
Most of the time I get to see my grandchildren on the weekends too.
But not always.

my life exists of work and home and my children, grandchildren and husband.

It isn’t very exciting but it is my life and for the most part I am happy with it.

yes a little romance would be nice, but my husband is clueless when it comes to that

yes some days are better than other days.
But I am a happy woman and I have many blessings in my life.
is it a perfect life, no, but it is good.
And that is what is new with me.

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Buttercup600   Leave a comment

just recently I have a woman from Australia of all places reading my blog and making comments.
Thank you for reading and making those comments Buttercup600!

So yesterday late I decided to get on to her blog site and read her.
She is extremely gifted in the way she writes and if that isn’t enough she has pictures to excite the reader and or music to listen to.

And still if that isn’t enough she posts recipes!
Now who out there can’t use a new recipe!!!!
I haven’t taken the time to try one of her recipes but they sure do look good and I will sometime soon!
I highly suggest you dear readers to check her out.
go to

and enjoy her as much as I do!

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one more thing…….about being on top of the world   Leave a comment

besides that song “On Top Of The World” being in my head I have to ask you dear reader, have you ever been so in love that you felt on top of the world?
I have.
It is a glorious feeling.
A feeling of complete euphoria

like you own it all

like you are the richest person alive.
the most beautiful

like nothing can touch you, because you are so deeply in love.

It is a wonderful feeling and a great place to be, unfortunately, the fall back down to earth can be quite painful….

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On Top of The World   Leave a comment

I’m up on top of the world looking down on creation and the only explanation I can find, is the love that I’ve found ever since you’ve been around, your love puts me at the top of the world

this song is stuck in my head.
I think it is sung by Anne Murray, but I’m not sure.
and the few lines above are the only ones I know of the song.
Yes I can U-Tube it, but I don’t want it stuck in my head for hours, so I’m going to get back to work and blare up the Beatles and see if I can get this silliness out of my head.

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the rain saga   Leave a comment

I was awakened by lightning and thunder this morning at four twenty.
I wasn’t impressed nor do I appreciate mother nature waking me an hour before I was supposed to get up.
But the power went out for a neon of a second, which means the three fans in our bedroom stop, and then there is that……I have to get up and reset the alarm clock, just in case I might fall back to sleep…..

I know, get a battery for it and that wouldn’t be an issue, but I never remember to buy one.
At any rate, it is raining yet again……..

I think this has to be the rainiest June on record.
it just never wants to stop

yes it rained yesterday morning and then was sunny and hot for about fifteen hours but now it is raining again and I’m not sure if it is suppose to end any time soon today.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love the rain
I just know we do not need rain here in SouthEast Iowa.

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