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bedtime   Leave a comment

it is eight forty-five and I am ready for bed.
I know it is early but I am tired, and it has been a long day.
So goodnight world and I will write more tomorrow.

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Hello darlin’   Leave a comment

Hello darlin’

isn’t that just romantic?
those two words, for someone to say that to you, is just so incredibly touching and almost brings goose bumps to my skin.

Conway Twitty is singing “Hello Darlin’ ”  right now on my computer.

look up darlin’ let me kiss you, just for old time sake, let me hold you in my arms,  one more time

thank you darlin’ may God bless you and each step you take bring you closer to the things you seek to find

good-by darling, I gotta go now, gotta try to find a way to lose these memories of a love so warm and true, and if you should ever find it in your heart to forgive me, come back darlin’ I’ll be waiting for you”

how could she not go back to a man who sings so warmly from the heart.
Just extremely romantic.


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Right here waiting for you   Leave a comment

so I heard a new song today.
It isn’t a new song per say but it is new to me.
It is called “Right Here Waiting For You” by Richard Marx.
It is quite beautiful and makes me think of someone I use to be madly in love with.
it also makes me sad to think of what I thought we once had and how could he let go of it?
Obviously he didn’t feel that what we had was all that special because he didn’t want to spend forever with me.
This song is bittersweet just because of what we once had but no longer do.
It is hard to let go of a lost love.
I have been trying to let go of my feelings for him for the last seventeen years.
And while I feel like I am pretty much over losing him, it is songs like this that bring it all back to the surface and make me miss what we once had.

I pray daily for the strength to forget him and what we shared
or should I say what I thought we shared.
Hopefully one day God will answer this prayer for me.

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floating in a dream   Leave a comment

I went swimming with my son and his daughter this afternoon and while I am in that clear clean water I can almost imagine myself on a beach somewhere with the waves rolling in and out and palm trees above me 

The  pelicans and seagulls are floating around the water near by.

I can’t hear the ocean waves of course, because while I am swimming at the local pool I hear kids squeal and scream as they play with their friends in the water.
Splashing about, with thoughts of school a distant memory.

but it felt wonderful to be in the water when it was ninety degrees outside today.
The sun was plenty warm when we got there at four thirty and when we left at six it still felt plenty warm.

 I’m not a huge fan of hot and humid weather but I don’t mind it much when I am in a swimming pool.

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Everybody wants it NOW!   Leave a comment

if you don’t know this about me yet then I should tell you that I am a custodian at an elementary school in Iowa City Iowa.
I am alone now, due to my night custodian retiring and I was told they will not be replacing him.
it makes for a very interesting year ahead.
At any rate, we are getting five new teachers this year, and ten teachers are moving that already are in this school
(I’m exhausted just thinking about it all again)

at any rate I am sitting here in my office on my lunch break and a new teacher walks in and asks me where the office is.
I direct her and with in five minutes the principal is showing this lady around and she introduced her to me as the new music teacher.
My principle then asks me “Her room isn’t done is it?”
And I said nope
And she said “Well you will let me know when it is won’t you so I can let Diana (the new teacher) know”
I said “Sure will”

Another teacher is in the break room, doing what I don’t have a clue and she asked me when her room will be done.
I said “Not before the end of next week”
and she said “Oh? Well good then I can get in there some time soon”
And I just want to scream “PEOPLE, this is your summer break!  This is my domain now!!!  Let me have it in peace!!!!”
but of course I don’t.

I just told her not before next Friday and walked away.

I think I’m making decent progress.
True there is more to do than what I have gotten done…..but it is steady progress……

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Planning ahead…….   Leave a comment

My daughter and her boyfriend took her father and I out for supper last night as a belated father’s day present.
Well we took their one month old son in the car with us so they could ride the motorcycle in to Iowa City.
We had a few drops of rain on the way in but on the way home, it poured so hard that it was like barrels of water just fell from the sky.
Needless to say they got soaked on the way home.
It was almost laughable but they weren’t in the mood to see the humor in it.
I wanted to say “Maybe you should check the weather forecast before heading out next time, huh?”
but I didn’t.
What I did say was “I bet that is the best time you have ever had” And they both grumbled “Yeah”

Neither were in the mood to be sociable after that.

Just goes to show you, the young……they just don’t have the wisdom to plan ahead like us older folks do.

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