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Time to call it a day   Leave a comment

well here in five minutes I am officially off the clock until tomorrow morning.
Funny I am getting off of work and my sister is just starting.
I’m glad she has the second shift and not me.
I do my best work in the mornings.
I usually lose steam as the day goes on and I definitely can’t see myself ever working that shift again.

It was a good Monday as far as Monday’s go.
I usually hate them, but I have so much to do that I know I have to be here to get it done so….it wasn’t too bad.

and the work part is over with so…..

it is all good.


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2 of my 4 angels   Leave a comment

My youngest daughter and her boyfriend are taking my husband and I out to eat for Father’s day
so I will get to see my adorable little peanut.
Plus I am watching my youngest grand-daughter while her parents take her four-year old sister to “Toy Story 3”

And then I will of course get to see Keira after the movie.
I am a blessed woman.

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Lara’s Theme   Leave a comment

I’m sure I have mentioned this before but I just love the song “Lara’s Theme” from Doctor Zhivago
The music moves me.
It simply makes me feel incredibly content
I can’t explain it other than to say, like watching fish swim around in a fish tank, listening to this music relaxes me.

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upstairs or downstairs?   Leave a comment

so I got the nine rooms on the east wing of my school finished and now it is either going upstairs or downstairs?
they both need cleaned so which will I choose?
I won’t be deciding until tomorrow morning but if I know me (and I do very well) I will go upstairs.
simply because I have always cleaned the upstairs of my home before I clean the downstairs.
Why you may ask?
Because after I clean the four bedrooms and the bathroom then I have to clean the hallway and then the steps going down into the entry way of our house

so it just makes sense to me to start upstairs.
So chances are tomorrow morning when I get here, I will head upstairs….

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odds are…….   Leave a comment

odds are, if I am at work I am sweating profusely

odds are, if there is money to be spent I will spend it.

Odds are, if I have plans but will get to watch one of my grandchildren instead, I will cancel my plans

odds are, if there is a movie on TV that I have never seen before and want to see,  but it isn’t at the beginning of the movie, I won’t watch it.

odds are if there is a sunrise or sunset to be seen, I will stop my car and watch it rise or set.

odds are,  I will wake up before my alarm clock every morning.

odds are, I will one day be dying and I will be thinking….now why didn’t I do this or this……

odds are…..if you are reading this blog you are thinking, end it already!

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Misfit   Leave a comment

do you ever feel like a misfit?
do you ever feel like you are on the outside of things looking in?
it isn’t that people don’t know that you are there, it is more of the fact that you just don’t quite fit in with the crowd so you are just barely on the outside looking in.
do you ever feel like the choices you make are never the right ones?

that no matter how hard you try or how much you want something, you are just not quite good enough?

I sometimes feel all the above, and then I think to myself, you are allowing yourself to feel this way.
Stop it!
you are as good as anyone!
And then after that little pep talk, I’m fine again.

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Raindrops keep falling on my head…..   Leave a comment

it is raining again, pouring actually.
It seems to rain every day.
Okay it didn’t yesterday but it did Saturday night into early Sunday morning.
Our rivers are beginning to look swollen, or creeks are way up out of their banks AND fields are swimming in pools of water.

I feel sorry for the farmers who are trying to grow crops and they have a small pond in certain areas of their fields.

I love the rain.
Don’t get me wrong, I really do.
I love walking in the rain and getting soaking wet.
I don’t know too many people who do like walking in the rain.
most people want a unbrella covering them.
not me.
Unless I am going to a wedding that I am in, I will never use an unbrella.
I love the rain falling down on me, soaking me and making me feel cleansed.
but we really don’t need the rain.

still…..the raindrops keeping falling………

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I am woman hear me ROAR!   Leave a comment

people don’t get it, but I don’t feel like I should have to explain it.
I don’t want help cleaning the school.
I want to work by myself at my pace and do the kind of job I know needs done.
I will even work a few weekends to get it done if I have to (unpaid) because it is my school, my domain and I don’t want to have to have someone here that I have to babysit (to make sure they are doing a good job) OR someone here that I must have conversations with!
I want to work and listen to my music and think and just go about my business.
People don’t get that, but I keep thinking, why do they have to?
I shouldn’t have to explain myself.
I am woman, hear me ROAR!


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Monday Monday   Leave a comment

well here it is officially another work day has begun.
Where am I going to get the energy for all the work I must do this week?
I am tired just thinking about it.
But find the energy I must since I have tons and I do mean tons of stuff to do.

I was told Friday evening that two more teachers have decided to move their classrooms, inside the building.
no one thinks of me or the work I must do to make this happen.
That makes 10 teachers in all that are switching rooms in this school.
Totally ridiculous if you ask me.
But they don’t ask me.

I can tell you for a fact though, if they had to move themselves, no one would move.
But since I am doing it, they don’t care.

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