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The Top Coat   Leave a comment

I just spent a few hours with my husband’s family, or should I say extended family.
Relatives of his late father’s.
We saw them all at Christmas time and then again today and I will be honest, I wasn’t too thrilled with going.
It is all superficial stuff.
The reason I named this blog” The Top Coat” is because people see what they want to see.
They ask about your life but they really don’t care or want to know the inner feelings and worries

We give each other the “Top Coat” and rarely let anyone else in to see the real person.
At least that is what I do.

These people really don’t mean anything to me
How shallow do I sound?
and while I don’t want any harm to come to any of them, I really don’t need them or particularly want them in my life.
Do I sound like a bitch?

It just all seems pointless.
My husband talks to the same few every year, and waves at a few more who he says hi to in passing…..and then we sit with his brother and his brother’s family and visit with them  and then it is time to go.
(Not soon enough for me)

I went because I am his wife and he wanted to go, but I dreaded the entire thing and couldn’t wait to be there long enough to go.

So many people see the “Top Coat” and honestly could care less if they go any deeper.

I’m generally not a person to let my true feelings known unless you know me quite well.
Very few people know me that well, to hear the brutal honesty of how I feel.

I feel like a bitch just writing this but when it is all said and done, all of it is superficial stuff that just makes me want to stay home.
(Thank God for my blog/diary to put down my true feelings)


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