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Happy one month birthday Aaron   Leave a comment

my precious grandson is a month old today.
I got to see him and feed him and spend some quality time with him this evening and tomorrow night he is going to stay the night.
Love him so much!
as I do all four of my grandchildren.
Thank you Lord for my wonderful children and grandchildren.


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The Book of Eli   Leave a comment

my husband, eldest son and his wife and I just finished watching “The Book of Eli” with Denzil Washington
Think Road Warriors and you will get the major drift of the movie.

I’m not saying it was an awful movie but it wasn’t all that great either.
A lot of violence which I am not crazy over.
But I got to look at Denzil for a few hours so that to me was an added bonus.

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storms   Leave a comment

there have been quite a few storms here tonight.
Trees knocked down and a lot of lightning and thunder.
I love it.
The rain was literally pouring out of the sky.
Straight down and flooding the streets.
My youngest daughter was headed for Iowa City on interstate 80 and turned around at West Branch because it was just too hard to see.

I think the storms are over for the night although there is an occasional bolt of lightning in the sky.
Still sounds like it is raining a bit though.

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Have I told you lately……   Leave a comment

the other night as I was flipping through the channels on TV, I saw the movie “Coal Miners Daughter” with Sissy Spacek and Tommy Lee Jones
it is the story based on Loretta Lynn’s life.

The song “Have I told you lately that I love you”  was one that Sissy Spacek sang as Loretta Lynn and it is running through my head like there is nothing else in there.
Odd to me, that watching a bit of something one evening and the song is stuck in my head.

Come to find out, Loretta Lynn never did actually sing that song (recording it) when I went to UTUBE to check it out.
But Sissy Spacek does so I listened to the full song.

now hopefully I can get it out of my head and some other song will take its place.

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Finally Friday!   Leave a comment

 it seems like it has been a long week, when in all reality it has gone fast.
But my old body is feeling old and decrepit due to this job.
I suppose it didn’t help much being off three weeks for my back and told to do nothing.

and then come back to work and work full force!

thrilled that it is Friday but the weekend is all booked up which I hate, and before I know it, Monday morning will be here again.
I know I know, stop being negative.

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