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I’m weary, literally weary.
My entire body aches.
okay that isn’t true, my feet don’t hurt and my head doesn’t hurt but my neck does, my shoulders do, my arms do, my fingers do and my back and legs ache.
Just too much scrubbing down walls and furniture and feeling my age today.

I’m going to go and get something to eat and see if that rejuvenates me for the last four hours of my day.
It worked yesterday so I hope it will work today as well.


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have I mentioned I hate to sweat?
I realize it is the body’s way of keeping cool but jesh I have been at work for an hour, actually working for thirty-five minutes and already I am sweating so much my hair is soaked.
It is actually quite nice outside IF you do nothing but stand or sit out there
But I was lugging boxes of books from the basement to the school and worked up a sweat!

there is 6 more boxes down there to be brought up and twelve more tubs full of boxes to take down to the basement (the basement to my school is outside, down twenty stairs under the school)

so I am going to wait for my husband and we will use his truck to load up the boxes, drive them around to the other part of the school and unload the twelve that need to be down there and bring up the six that need to be brought up and shipped off to another school

ahh the joys (not) of my job!

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my husband and eldest son and his daughter and I went swimming yesterday afternoon from five thirty until seven.
it was enjoyable and the water felt like a luke warm bath tub.
I have to say I love to swim.
I love the feel of myself being weightless and just the coolness all around me

maybe I should clarify this.
I love to swim in a clean pool.
I don’t want to swim in a pond, or a lake or an ocean or gulf.
I want clean water so I can see my toes at all times.
Swimming in dirty murky water is just plain scary.

at any rate I worked the muscles in my arms and legs swimming back and forth across the pool.
At one point I thought I was going to get a Charlie horse in my calf but luckily it went away.

Still I felt good in the pool and good after the swim.
I need to do it more often.

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