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Rocking with Elvis   Leave a comment

I am here at work and I have to go to a meeting in thirty minutes so I haven’t done anything too strenuous yet today, why get dirty and be all sweaty for the meeting.
So I have cleaned my office and did a few odds and ends around here and am playing Elvis on my computer as I work.

Why Elvis you may ask?
I don’t know except that I like listening to him every now and then.
no he isn’t my favorite singer and never will be, but the man had some good songs and he was after all, and still is the King of Rock and Roll.
So how can I go wrong?


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My 50th birthday   Leave a comment

so in eleven months I will be turning 50 years old.
I know reader  you are thinking, so what? Big deal? who cares?

but my husband said he was going to plan this great birthday for me, because I took him to Daytona Beach Florida for his 50th birthday and it was a complete surprise to him.

Okay so the other day we were talking about age and I asked him where he had planned on taking me for my 50th birthday.
his answer
Daytona Beach Florida.
And while I love Florida and I love the beach, I don’t think that is considered a great getaway for my 50th birthday.

Am I wrong?
I want to go west again.
Maybe to the Grand Canyon (which we have never been to) or New Mexico.
Some place different.

you only turn 50 once right?

So as I was looking at pictures and putting them into this blog I think, yes I love the beach, but the pictures above are my first love.
The mountains and the Arches of Utah.

I hope I can change his mind.

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all by myself   Leave a comment

while I may be the captain of the ship, my first mate has retired and I am all by myself now, sailing this ship into unknown waters.
That is how it feels now that my night custodian has retired.
He had been here 22 years and while I was supposed to be his boss (he is 64 years old) I usually deferred to him for the big important decisions simply because he is older (wiser) and a man (Who generally know more than I do when it comes to fixing things)

so he is gone.
And I am standing alone.

not that I’m scared or anything.
I’m not.
I have been here almost nine years and if I dont’ know how to row the boat yet, I shouldn’t be here.
Thankfully I do know.
I just am not looking forward to a few things.
One is, and this is the biggie, Tom my night custodian did the building check each weekend and every holiday.
Mainly because he liked the over time and the extra money on his paycheck.
So now that he is gone, I am required to do the building check every weekend and holiday.
So basically even though I am here, fifteen minutes or so to do the building check, I will be here every day, with no days off, until I actually take a vacation.


do I sound spoiled?
yes I know I do.
but it will be an adjustment to drive 20 miles one way every weekend day and holiday to do fifteen minutes of work and then drive home again.
Granted I get an hour and a half for that fifteen minutes…..but still…..I’m not looking forward to it at all.

And secondly, now that he is gone, I won’t have anyone I can count on or depend on.
The people who come to do his job when he was out sick or on vacation, do an alright job, but something always gets missed, and for some odd reason, they don’t know how to put things back once they get something out.
that irritates me to no end.

So yes Tom has spoiled me to the point where I was comfortable and liked knowing that he wouldn’t let the ship go down if I walked away from it for a while.

now that burden is on me.
And while I’m comfortable taking the wheel, I’m not looking forward to it.

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