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how do you let go?   Leave a comment

how do you say it is over?
I don’t want you in my life any more?
how do you stay friends with someone who hurts you just by wanting friends after all there was between you?
How do you let go?
how do you close off your heart to this person and not let them back in?
how do you live with someone telling you they will love you forever…..only to have them walk out of your life?
how do you go on?
get up each morning and make it through another day?
how does a person get strong again after someone breaks their heart?

love is supposed to be beautiful and wonderful and not hurt and feel like someone has torn your heart into a million pieces, and then stomped on it after they tore it up.
how do you let go?
and never think of this person again and ache for them and wish for just one more day, one more hour with this person?

one could turn to food, to exercise, to a new job……any kind of outlet to forget…..but when it is all said and done and you are alone at night wanting to drift off to sleep, you are still stuck with the ache of loving someone who no longer loves you.

and how do you let go of that?


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forever odd dreams   Leave a comment

I have the strangest dreams.
I wonder often what possess me to dream some of the silly, sometimes crazy things I dream

Last night for instance I dreamt I was involved in a rescue attempt of a half a dozen people living at the bottom of the ocean who were doing research on life in the ocean.
they lived in a pod like thing and it was up to me and a few other people to go down there and rescue them.

on top of that a volcano under the earth had erupted which caused the ocean to become boiling hot and that meant extra precautions to those of us who had to do the rescuing.
Oxygen tanks were essential and special uniforms were required to make the descent into the deep blue waters of the ocean.

I have no idea why I dreamt such a thing.
Honestly it makes  no sense because I am not a fan of swimming in the ocean let alone deep-sea diving to go under the water where sharks live.
(Such a contrast to my sister who wants to swim with sharks)

but of course I woke up as we reached the pod of people under the ocean waters and we were just about ready to begin the long trek back up to the surface when my alarm went off, waking me up.

strange dreams……

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