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The Blind Side   Leave a comment

I just watched “The Blind Side” for the first time tonight.
It was quite a good movie.
I love Sandra Bullock.
She is a beautiful lady with a lot of talent.
I loved her in “All About Steve” even though she was given horrible reviews for her performance.
I thought she played a great ditzy person.
Anyway this movie is based on a true story and it is wonderful to think there are people out there who are kind hearted enough to take in a total stranger and help them grow to be a better person.
It inspires me and hopefully other people as well.


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Another stinking Monday   Leave a comment

Where did the weekend go?
I have no idea.
One minute it is Friday night and the next it is Sunday late afternoon.
I hate how quickly the weekends fly by and I am powerless to stop it.
I have tons of work to do and I need to find some ambition to get started.
There is just so much to do.
It will be one very busy week here at work.
Next weekend is Father’s day and my Keira’s birthday.
She will be 4 on Sunday.
she has expressed a great desire to not have a birthday due to the fact that too many people will come to her party and look at her.
She is quite strange when it comes to attention being placed on her.
She has said quite a few times these last few weeks that she is not having a birthday party.
So we shall see how she acts when the day arrives.

Well I am off to begin my day.
I know you must have a Monday to get to a Friday, but ugh… is depressing too.

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