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Heaven   Leave a comment

my idea of Heaven is a day that is about 75 degrees with barely a cloud in the clear blue sky and a slight breeze and a lot of sunshine.
no bugs and all my children and grand children around me.
My idea of Heaven is sitting on a beach and watching the waves roll in and out.
My idea of Heaven is watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset

my idea of Heaven is being at the bottom of a mountain and looking up at its majestic beauty

my idea of Heaven is where all my loved ones go when they leave this earth and go to live with the Lord.
Heaven is perfection, Heaven is beautiful and graceful and enchanting and completely blissful.

Only God can take me up to Heaven when I leave this earth and I have no doubt that when I get there,  I will have all the above things every second of my after life.


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dinner and a movie   Leave a comment

what to do with myself today?
I guess we are going out to lunch….but I would like to go to a movie too.
It is my weekend too after all and I don’t want to spend the whole weekend just sitting around at home or watching grand children while my kids go out and have fun.
Especially since it is going to be cloudy and humid out.
Now if the sun was out I would take my eldest grand-daughter swimming but….since it is going to be a cloudy day, I don’t  want to be swimming.

Not sure what movie we will see  maybe “A-Team” or the Jake Gyllenholl movie, which I can never remember the title of.

but it is early yet so I guess the day will be what it will be.

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