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is 16 the new 21?   Leave a comment

okay I’m going to jump on my soap box for a minute and rant and rave.
IS 16 the new 21?
do we just let our children do whatever they want at sixteen just because they want to?
It is insane to me, that a family would let their sixteen year old daughter sail around the world by herself?
I saw on the TV that a friend or brother, (sorry I was walking through the living room at the time) who said that Abby Sunderland was a very experienced sailor.
Well maybe she is or isn’t.
But to me it is crazy for a parent to let their child take such risks.
I was eating supper last night and I heard the girl’s mother say “Yes there are risks and concerns that could end in tragedy but there could be tragedy in a car accident too”

Thank God the girl is alright.
And will be rescued.
I just don’t get people any more.
Where is the common sense?


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